Digital transformation is being touted as the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, an event that will forever change in the way we do business, trade with others and interact. But it is not just about that. Remember, the last three industrial revolutions not just changed the face of the industry, it also changed the very foundations of our society.

Digital transformation is the inevitable next step. The question we must now face is: how ready we are for digital transformation? If you have not already incorporated it, you are probably checking out the means to do it fast. So, here is our good news: Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 is now ready and has proven to be the best bet in taking you through the finish line.

Bringing Digital Transformation With Dynamics 365 CRMDigital Transformation

Digital transformation is the comprehensive transformation of business, organisational functions and processes to an increasingly digital landscape. This is the successful amalgamation of various digital technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, quantum computing, 3D printing and nanotechnology.

The fourth revolution is looking at a world that will have an immense scope of technology impact, where we will all become a part of a larger digital framework. In its scope and impact, the fourth revolution is considered to be far greater than the other revolutions that preceded it.

The Checklist

Digital transformation is not exactly a radical idea. Chances are that you are probably halfway down the path already. Technology disruption and assimilation is not a sudden process and its foundations were laid almost the moment we had the Internet. In the aggressive markets of today, ignoring the scope and impact of the Internet is pretty much impossible.

So, the question is, how do we implement digital transformation in our own business? How far should the scope be? There are also concerns regarding the disruptions caused by technology. What we need is a clear strategy and roadmap to oversee this critical transformation.

This cannot be made possible without the aid of a competent software and this is where the Dynamics 365 comes in. The new version that came out last year combines both CRM and ERP, giving it the broad scope one needs for digital transformation. What are the benefits that Dynamics gives us in implementing this task? Read on:

Easy integration with legacy system: It’s not that we are not already on a digital pathway. It is just that most of us are working on legacy systems that sometimes predate us! To update, we need a composite system that causes the least disruptions possible. Dynamics is ideal in this because of its parent body — Microsoft.

Chances are that you are using an MS product and so are most of your employees. Moving to the Dynamics just seems like the next step. The integration is obviously smooth and automatic, taking away the most dreaded factor.

Business Intelligence: Ultimately, digital transformation is about brining intelligence into our everyday functionalities and the PowerBI is a powerful tool here. Better still, it is not the only tool! You also have Azure and Cortana Intelligence — both rapidly gaining in their own popularity. Once implemented, they can bring in one of the most vital elements of digital revolution — artificial intelligence.

Customisation: Microsoft has paid special attention to customisation of the Dynamics platform. Recognising that every business has its own needs, the Dynamics can now be customised according to business, whether finance or retail. PowerApps and Flow just make it that bit easier for the developers to design a system that works for them and not force them to work for it.

Growth: The digital path is not a temporary fix or even something that you need for an immediate boost. This is a long-term process that is a goal in itself. It needs commitment from both you and your software to stay the course. What better than Dynamics with its backing of Microsoft? With the tech giant now committed to develop this platform, we know that things will not remain static, that Dynamics will change and grow as we, the industry and the society at large grows with it!


While we are all excited about the new Dynamics CRM Consultants, don’t take our word for it. Make your own checklist of factors that you need to push your own digital revolution. But as things hot up and engulf us all, it is a decision that you must make fast.